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Carrier-1 Virtual-Pod

Carrier-1 Data Centers offers colocation "Virtual-PODs" for only $2,500/mo in Dallas, Texas

A dedicated, yet scalable, approach for enterprise and wholesale colocation.

June 16, 2015; Dallas, TX Companies may establish, expand or diversify their web infrastructure in Dallas, Texas with a row of 12 colocation cabinets for only $2,500/month via Carrier-1 Data Center’s Virtual-POD solution. The PODs are available today at wholesale pricing and power may be added at any time, saving upfront costs.

In contrast to traditional wholesale data center commitments with a megawatt minimum power requirement, Carrier-1 Data Center’s Virtual-PODs pave the way to dedicated colocation space with scalable power, private storage and better pricing.

Customers receive the benefit of a megawatt price point without a megawatt commitment. The PODs are available today at wholesale pricing and power may be added at any time, saving upfront costs. And with up to 60,000 square feet of planned raised floor space, there is plenty of room for expansion. Custom solutions are also available.

The Carrier-1 Virtual-POD solution provides the following for only $2,500 per month:

·       A row of 12 cabinets

·       No power commitment, activate power when you need it

·       High density power options

·       Flexible network connectivity options

·       24/7/365 secure physical check-in

·       24/7/365 FREE on-site basic support 

·       24/7/365 FREE portal access for ticketing, bandwidth utilization and billing information 

·       100% Uptime SLA

·       Rack-and-Stack services

·       Shipping/Receiving loading dock assistance

·       Free use of conference room with 103” plasma monitor, overlooking the data center

·       Dedicated office space for personnel available

Upgrade to a dedicated row of 25 cabinets and receive a private storage bay on the data center floor plus wholesale pricing at $200/cabinet

“Customers typically want to turn up a colocation solution quickly and cost efficiently,” says Julia Morgan, President. “Whether it’s a primary location, a secondary site for disaster recovery, a tertiary point to diversify their footprint, or they’ve simply run out of capacity at their current site, the Virtual-POD fulfills these needs.”

About Carrier-1 Data Centers

Carrier-1 owns and operates a 106,866 square foot data center building in Dallas, Texas. Customers may lease colocation space within the building to utilize the redundant infrastructure and environment controls to maintain 100% uptime while receiving access to over 95 network carriers. The facility meets any compliant requirement including PCI, HIPAA and SOX. Multiple racks, Virtual-PODs, private cages and powered shell space is available now with plenty of space for expansion.

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